About Us

About Us

Synergy Health delivers a range of specialist outsourced services to healthcare providers and other clients concerned with health management. These services are aimed at supporting our customers to improve the quality and efficiency of their activities, whilst reducing risks to their patients and clients.

Synergy Health has achieved market leading positions in the following areas:

  • Hospital Sterilisation Services (HSS) for reusable medical and surgical equipment;
  • Applied Sterilisation Technologies (AST) for single-use medical devices and other products;
  • Reusable Surgical Solutions (RSS) for daily delivery of sterile reusable gowns, towels and set-up packs providing environmental sustainability and cost efficiencies to hospitals and surgery centres.;
  • Synergy Health Laboratory Services (SHLS) including clinical pathology, toxicology and microbiological services, together with occupational health programmes;
  • Synergy Health Pharmaceutical Laboratories (SHPL) for chemical and microbiological analysis;
  • Linen Management Services (LMS) for healthcare facilities.
  • Healthcare Solutions (HCS) product solutions designed to tackle the everyday challenges in infection prevention and control, patient hygiene, surgical procedures and wound care.

Our extensive product portfolio includes; Azo™ Conti™ Oasis™ Assure™ Comfi™ Bert™ Detex™ and Concept™ brands.

Headquartered in Swindon, UK, Synergy Health has a global presence and employs over 5600 people across the UK & Ireland, Europe & the Middle East, Asia & Africa and the Americas.

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