Alco-Sensor® FST Breathalyser


As with testing for Drugs of Abuse, the result of a Breath Alcohol test can have significant implications for both the customer and the customers employee. Therefore it is vital that the customer can trust the equipment and the process that generates the result.

The lightweight, easy to use Alco-Sensor® FST is a cost-effective solution for accurate, prompt breath alcohol screening. The FST is multi-purpose as it is able to accept direct breath samples, passive samples, breath expelled into a container and it is also capable of detecting alcohol in a solution.


Alco-Sensor® FST Specifications

The Alco-Sensor® FST has a specially designed, alcohol specific fuel cell and accurately detects breath alcohol levels from 0-200µg/100ml BrAC. The device is lightweight (weighing just 170g), ergonomically designed for left or right handed use and operates in temperatures between 0oC and 50oC.

The Alco-Sensor® FST device is Home Office approved.


Alco-Sensor® FST Packages

Synergy Health supply the Alco-Sensor® FST device as part of a kit that also includes 2 passive test cups, 25 mouthpieces for direct breath samples and the ‘drink sniffer’ accessory.


Alco-Sensor® FST Calibrations

To maintain the integrity of each FST unit and the results generated it is recommended each unit is calibrated every 6 months. Synergy Health has technicians trained to provide a thorough, rigorous calibration service.

Customers can either pay for calibrations individually as and when required or can enter into a 3 year calibrations contract with Synergy Health. Customers who sign up for the calibrations contract will be reminded by Synergy Health when their unit is due for calibration and where possible provided with a replacement unit for use during the calibration.


Alco-Sensor® FST Training

As well as providing the Alco-Sensor® FST unit, Synergy Health is also able to offer comprehensive training on the proper use of the unit. Training is aimed specifically at those who are expected to use the unit and will provide all delegates with the knowledge to undertake breath alcohol tests proficiently.


For more information on the Alco-Sensor® FST, or to speak to a Sales Representative, please call Synergy Health on 01873 856 688.



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