Breath Alcohol Testing Devices


Breath testing is the quickest, most convenient way to screen for alcohol consumption and Synergy Health offer a variery of instruments to accurately perform these tests.

Options include starter kits, individual units, additional printers and much more.  Synergy Health can even perform the six monthly recalibrations required to ensure the devices accuracy.


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The Dräger AT-6820 Breathalyser is the successor to the Dräger AT-6810 breathalyser unit. The Dräger 6820 boasts a more ergonomic, compact design, making it easier to hold and operate with just one hand.  Equipped with the proven electrochemical Dräger sensor, the updated technology within the ...


The Dräger 6810 breathalyser offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user friendly and compact form.  The device is easy to use as all measurements and functions are controlled by a single key. The Dräger 6810 uses an optical interface to transfer test data to the...


As with testing for Drugs of Abuse, the result of a Breath Alcohol test can have significant implications for both the customer and the customers employee. Therefore it is vital that the customer can trust the equipment and the process that generates the result. The lightweight, easy to use Alco-...


The Alco-Sensor® VXL is an advanced, handheld, microprocessor driven breath alcohol testing instrument. As with the FST device, the VXL is multi-purpose as it is able to screen direct breath samples, passive samples and breath expelled into a container. The VXL device also comes with a ‘drink...



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