Conti™ Dry Patient Wipes


As the leading brand within the NHS for over 35 years, the Conti® range of patient cleansing wipes have been developed in partnership with healthcare professionals offering a comprehensive and versatile range for everyday personal cleansing.

Conti® wipes are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance.

Conti® wipes can be used alongside the Clinisan™ range of skin cleansing foams and bodywashes, providing a complete patient cleansing system.

Conti Lite

Conti® Lite provides the most cost-effective option for healthcare professionals, combining strength and performance with a light weight material.

Conti Standard

Conti® Standard is ideal for everyday use providing a cost-effective wipe that combines strength and performance in a light weight material.

Conti Standard Plus

Conti® Standard Plus provides the same value and softness as Conti® Standard but with thicker and stronger material for increased durability and performance.

Conti Soft

Conti® Soft combines softness and absorbency with a more 'textile' feel.  Conti® Soft is ideal for everyday cleansing needs and soft enough for use on fragile and sensitive skin.

Conti SoSoft

Conti® SoSoft provides highly effective cleansing using heavier material with added cotton creating a wipe that is soft yet durable, ideal for use on sensitive skin.

Conti CottonSoft

Conti® CottonSoft is a cotton-enriched material providing strength and softness.  The heavy weight wipe is ideal for effective cleansing of heavily soiled skin and gentle enough to be used for continence care.

Conti SuperSoft

Conti® SuperSoft is the ultimate wipe for softness and absorbency.  Its softness makes it ideal cleansing all areas of the body, fragile and sensitive skin.

Conti Washcloth

Conti® Washcloth is made from airlaid tissue and is ideal for full body cleansing.  Soft, strong and highly absorbent, this wipe lathers well with soap and water and remains durable even when wet.  The wipe is made from natural fibres and has a soft 'textile' feel, making it ideal for daily washing and drying of sensitive skin.

Conti Flushable

Conti® Flushable wipes make use of a unique binder system, combining strength and softness with unparalleled dispersibility.  The wipes are suitable for a variety of applications including continence care and retain strength even when wet. 


Description Wipe Size Pack Qty Product Code NPC code Case Qty
Conti® Lite 32 x 30cm 100 CLW110 - 32
Conti® Standard 26 x 18cm 100 CBW010N - 32
Conti® Standard 26 x 20cm 100 CBW010 VJT047 32
Conti® Standard 26 x 22cm 100 CBW100N - 32
Conti® Standard 32 x 20cm 100 CBW100 - 20
Conti® Standard 32 x 30cm 100 CBW110 - 28
Conti® Standard Plus 32 x 22cm 100 CPL110N - 36
Conti® Standard Plus 32 x 30cm 100 CPL110 VJT081 36
Conti® Soft 32 x 30cm 100 CSW110 VJT258 32
Conti® SoSoft 32 x 27cm 100 CPV110N - 20
Conti® SoSoft 32 x 30cm 100 CPV110 VJT080 20
Conti® CottonSoft 26 x 18cm 100 CCW010N - 24
Conti® CottonSoft 26 x 20cm 100 CCW010 VJT050 24
Conti®  CottonSoft 26 x 22cm 100 CCW100N - 24
Conti® CottonSoft 32 x 30cm 100 CCW110 - 20
Conti® SuperSoft 32 x 30cm 100 CXW110 VJT153 16
Conti® Washcloth 30 x 23cm 75 CWW075N - 24
Conti® Washcloth 30 x 30cm 50 CWW010 VJT404 30
Conti® Washcloth 30 x 30cm 75 CWW075P - 16
Conti® Flushable 33 x 22cm 50 CFW050 - 15



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