Dräger AT-6820 Breathalyser


The Dräger AT-6820 Breathalyser is the successor to the Dräger AT-6810 breathalyser unit.

The Dräger 6820 boasts a more ergonomic, compact design, making it easier to hold and operate with just one hand.  Equipped with the proven electrochemical Dräger sensor, the updated technology within the Dräger 6820 provides near instant results.

Features of the Dräger 6820 include an expanded memory capacity that is capable of holding up to 5,000 results, a quick and simple navigation menu and compatibility with the Dräger 6810 printer and mouthpieces.

Synergy Health can provide the Dräger 6820 units individually or as a full starter kit that includes the following: -

  • Dräger 6820 Breathalyser
  • Carry case
  • Mobile printer
  • 3 x individually sealed mouthpieces
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Wrist strap
  • Instructions for use


For more information on the Dräger AT-6820 or any other breathalyser devices in our range, please call Synergy Health on 01873 856688.



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