Laboratory Confirmation Testing

Laboratory Confirmation Testing

Having a fully UKAS accredited toxicology laboratory on site means that Synergy Health is in total control of the testing process, from sample collection to the reporting of results.

This control assures customers that at all times Synergy Health are adhering to the strict rules and procedures required by UKAS.


Sample Reception

Synergy Health receives hundreds of samples a day for analysis and as such has developed an accurate and efficient sample reception process.  The efficiency of this process means that not only are samples secure and monitored, but Synergy Health's rapid turnaround times are not compromised.


Primary Screening

Once a sample has been efficiently booked in, it undergoes primary screening to establish whether a metabolite of any drug group is present within it.  This process is performed on state of the art analysis equipment that is quality control checked every run for accuracy.


Confirmation Screening

Any sample that screens non-negative at the primary screening stage is subjected to confirmation screening.  Using LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) Synergy Health perform an intensive investigation to discover the drug content of the sample.

The LC-MS confirmation will identify whether or not the sample processed is positice for the presence of a specific drug and quantify exactly how much of the drug is present in the sample.

The results achieved through Synergy Health's confirmation screening processes are legally defensible.


Reporting of Results

Before a result is reported to the client it is checked and authorised by a senior scientist at Synergy Health.  If the senior scientist is happy that the result is accurate then the report is released to the client.

Synergy Health is able to report the result to the client in a variety of different ways.  The client can specify whether they wish to receive the result by post, e-mail or fax.  Alternatively they can register to use our Review online portal to securely access their results.



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