Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy Services

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy Services

Workplace Drug and Alcohol policies are recognised as having a major impact in dealing with the problems associated with inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. A comprehensive policy helps to reduce accidents, long-term sickness and compensation claims, whilst providing complete guidance for company employees.

How Synergy Health can help

As a result of extensive consultation with major trade unions, Synergy Health has developed a six stage process for the implementation of a successful, welfare based Drug and Alcohol policy

  1. Assess the risk to the business from drug and alcohol misuse and evaluate customers current resources, attitudes and cultures
  2. Consult with the customer and its employees’ representatives to develop and publicise a corporate Drug and Alcohol policy
  3. Develop a programme of awareness and training for all employees and encourage anyone within the organisation with problems to seek help
  4. Further consultation with the customer to develop procedures for testing
  5. Implement the policy following an amnesty period and provide focused management training
  6. Constant monitoring of the policy and procedures using Key Performance Indicators

Synergy Health focuses on, and is able to provide services for, all aspects of a policy implementation process. These services include:

  • Extensive training on all aspects of policy, including drug awareness, sample collection procedures and policy refresher training
  • Policy awareness campaigns featuring posters and employee awareness pamphlets

For more information about Workplace Drug and Alcohol policies, or to speak to a Sales Representative, please call Synergy Health on 01873 856 688.



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