'Legal High' Testing

'Legal High' Testing
Annihilation - 'Legal High'

Often colloquially termed 'legal highs', Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are chemicals that mimic, or claim to mimic, the effects of illegal drugs.  The growth in popularity of NPS's over the last few years has seen the market flooded with stronger, more potent chemicals that pose significant risks to users.

The Risks

Synthetic drugs are often highly potent, making their effects much more severe and dangerous.  Because manufacturers constantly change the chemical composition of the drugs to avoid classification, studies into the long-term usage are difficult to undertake.

The persistent compound alterations mean that not only can users not be sure of what it is they are consuming, but the risk of overdose is greatly increased, as are the complications resulting from overdose.

Why Test for NPS's?

Employers understand the need for a thorough, supportive Drugs and Alcohol policy and this should include provision for testing for Novel Psychoactive Substances.  NPS's are highly accessible, with a wide selection available on the high street in head shops.  They are also more potent, meaning even small quantities can have dramatic effects on the user.

NPS consumption has the sample potential as the consumption of illegal drugs to negatively impact the productivity and safety of the workforce.  The modest cost and ease of access to these chemicals may even greatly increase the risk.

Testing for NPS's

Synergy Health offers a comprehensive urine laboratory screen for a huge profile of Novel Psychoactive Substances.

Synergy Health also offer advice and guidance on how to amend current policies to incorporate NPS testing as well as NPS awareness training courses to help employers understand this complex and ever-developing environment.The rapid development in Novel Psychoactive Substances (it is estimated that 243 new NPS have been introduced since 2009) means that this profile is subject to change at short notice.  The turnaround time for this test is 5 working days.




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