Linen Hire Netherlands

Linen Hire Netherlands

Optimum management for all your linen

Linen rental

For you, renting linen means outsourcing care. By entrusting this care to us, you free your own hands for core tasks. We offer you a complete and functional assortment. We use the NEN 750 standard as our minimum for the linen. With Synergy Health you will always have the right amount of rented linen everywhere. And at a reasonable price, of course.

In additional to traditional bed sets, we also offer contemporary and more efficient systems. For cost-benefit reasons, it is also possible in such case to supply a disposable item. You could consider the linen you rent from us as a warehouse item. According to the needs of your institution, we are able to offer custom distribution from a centrally located distribution centre, in collaboration with a logistics partner. The advantage is that you do not have to store it yourself. The volume can be an attractive base for the delivery of other warehouse products.


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