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Update: Work completed.

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After a year of preparations and a summer of reconstruction the Ede 2.0 project was successfully completed in early October 2015.

The success of the project would not have been possible without strong cooperation within the project team, the location Ede, and AST Europe. We would like to thank everybody involved for their support and hard work.


Due to the large scope of the reconstruction to the site every customer who processes at Ede will have to validate their products again. This process is well underway, with the aim of having every single customer validated before the end of the year. 

General information of the reconstruction project:

The project involved the total reconstruction of the JS 9000 gamma pallet installation in our facility in Ede, the Netherlands. This installation is one with a long history; it was constructed in 1971 and expanded in 1982. Currently it processes up to 30,000 pallets every year from over 250 customers across Europe.

In order to meet the fast growing customer demands, a renewal and expansion of the current installation was necessary. Replacing and extending a significant part of the installation has effectively doubled the maximum processing capacity of the installation in the long term and in addition will also further improve safety and reliability.

The project started in 2014 with the reconstruction beginning on July 20th 2015. A reconstruction of a plant that runs 24/7 and has an operational utilization of over 90% was a challenging project that did not have many comparisons within the industry. The changes to the installation and the necessary downtime that comes with it had a big impact on both customers and operations. A multidisciplinary project team, careful planning and a strong co-operation with plants in France, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands ensured a smooth operation and the continued ability to offer services to a big part of our customer base.

Contact information:

Project Office:           Thijmen van Dalen – thijmen.van.dalen@synergyhealthplc.com

Customer Support: Anja Lutke Schipholt – anja.lutkeschipholt@synergyhealthplc.com

                                             Marcel Kuhlmann – marcel.kuhlmann@synergyhealthplc.com

Planner Ede:                Michael Veldhuisen – planning.ede@synergyhealthplc.com

Validations:                  Erwin Stern -  erwin.stern@synergyhealthplc.com


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