EO Expansion : the Czech Republic - EO mixed gas cycle


Additional EO capacity is available from the end of January in Velka Bites – Czech Republic sterilisation site. 

Since opening in 2005 the Czech republic EO site has reached a total capacity of 100,000 pallets per year, collecting volumes and contracts from a growing number of international customers. In January 2013 the Velka Bites site opened the last expansion phase with the installation of line 7 & one year later, line 8 in 2014. The technical and maintenance team installed the new 18 pallets steriliser, applying a mixed gas process, in just four month’s following approval from Synergy Health's senior executive board.

The Velka Betes chambers utilize a 15%:85% preblended mix of EO and Carbon dioxide. as opposed 100% EO. The main differences between the mixed gas and 100% EO processes are:

  • As CO2 is an inert gas it allows the process to deliver the EO to the product quicker due to the removal of the nitrogen flushing stage typically required in 100% EO processes prior to EO injection
  • The EO concentrations are typically lower than in 100% processes
  • Related to above, due to lower EO concentration there are potentially better EO residual outcomes
  • The sterilization stage takes place in positive pressure (1-2 Bar) where with 100% EO processes sterilization takes place under vacuum. 

Whether using mixed gas or 100% EO, both can be validated in accordance with ISO11135 to deliver an SAL of 10^6.

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