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The Czech Republic EO mixed gas success

In January 2013 Velka Bites Ethylene Oxide site opened its latest expansion phase with the installation of line 7, and exactly one year after, due to growing businesses demand, line 8 is now in full operation too. In 2014 a few months after line 8 was complete approval was given for a new 18 pallet sterilizer. After less than 4 months from the approval date, the technical and maintenance team completed the installation; the project was completely resourced utilizing  internal capabilities, with autoclaves and subsystems  built in Italy applying mixed gas process. This facilitated additional EO Capacity from January 2015.

In the 10 years from the opening in June 2005, the Czech EO site has reached a total capacity of 100.000 pallets per year, collecting volumes and contracts with a growing number of international customers.

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