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Synergy’s AZO™ hard surface disinfectant portfolio receives Halal accreditation

Synergy Health plc is pleased to announce that our AZO™ range of hard surface disinfectant wipes and sprays have received accreditation by the European Halal Development Agency (EHDA). The AZO™ range of hard surface disinfectants including AZOWIPE™, AZOACTIVE™, AZODET™, AZOMAX™ and antimicrobial hand sanitiser, ASSURE™, are now approved by European Halal Development Agency for use in the healthcare, hospitality and catering sectors.

European Halal Development Agency was established as the recognised regulation body for 'Halal' products in the UK. Halal assurance is essential for the food standards in the Muslim community. The work of EHDA is supported by its Shariah board which has a broad representation from Islamic scholars in the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Dr. Jimmy Kwok, Managing Director, Infection Prevention and Control Division, Synergy Health commented, “The accreditation from European Halal Development Agency for our AZO™ range of hard surface disinfectants, and ASSURE™ hand sanitiser offers assurances for our network of customers serving the healthcare, hospitality and catering sectors. By choosing our disinfectants in the healthcare and food preparation environment, our customers are conforming to Halal standards which we recognise is fundamental for the wider Muslim community both in the UK and overseas.”

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