Synergy cleans toys for Defense charity


The cuddly toys that were deposited at Eindhoven Air Base in memory of the victims of the plane crash of flight MH17 are being cleaned by a laundry plant in Gemert run by Synergy Health PLC. The company has received the order by the Royal Air Force at Eindhoven Air Base. The cleaned cuddles will be donated to charity, by Defense.

Synergy Health Gemert, formerly Lips Textielservice, is a textile service company. "Defence is a national client of ours and we do all the laundry for them, so this command came to us," explains Arno Sinders, Manager of the branch in Gemert. "We thought it was a logical step and a small effort to contribute by processing these items in memory of those from the aircraft disaster." Cleaning so many toys bestowed with such sentimental value is not an everyday job for the company, fortunately we regularly receive toys, so the knowledge and expertise was with us in- house." The company has two containers filled with toys cleaned which will now be donated to charity.

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