Team Scotland uses Assure™


Team Scotland uses Assure™ during Commonwealth Games

Team Scotland will be using Assure™ antimicrobial hand sanitiser at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  Each team member will be carrying a 50ml personal bottle for their kit bags, and all communal spaces, treatment areas and office areas have been equipped with the hand sanitiser.

Simple, safe and effective hand sanitation is an important intervention to reducing the spread of harmful bacteria.  Good hand hygiene is important in all environments; harmful pathogens are easily transmitted by coughing, sneezing and person-to-person contact and can have devastating effect on vulnerable individuals whose immune system may be compromised. 

Dr Niall Elliott, Head of Medicine for Team Scotland said: ‘Team Scotland has been using Assure™ hand sanitiser during the build up to the Glasgow Games with great results and no skin irritation.  Our illness rates have been lower than expected by educating the team on good hand hygiene practice and the use of Assure™ antimicrobial hand sanitiser.  With support from the sportscotland Institute of Sport, illness prevention and hand hygiene has become a norm for elite athletes throughout the competitive season.  Team GB athletes and staff used similar strategies at the recent Sochi Olympic Winter Games, again using Assure™ hand sanitiser.’

Assure™ is an alcohol -free hand sanitiser that is specifically designed for hygienic hand disinfection.  Unlike some sanitisers, the alcohol-free formulation helps to prevent dry skin and requires no water or rinsing, leaving hands soft and moisturised.  Alcohol based hand sanitisers are a contributing factor to poor hand hygiene compliance due to the skin drying effect they can have; Assure™ offers an alternative that is effective and will not irritate the skin. 

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