Oasis™ Bed Bath - Warmer


Warm Bed Bathing Made Easy

Oasis™ products can be warmed in the purpose-built Warmer to provide a practical, disposable and economical solution for head-to-toe warm body bathing.  Our new, improved Oasis™ Warmer has been designed to warm Oasis™ bed bathing products, including our cleansing cloths, washmitts and shampoo caps.  The products within the range can be warmed to a consistent and reliable temperature, ensuring optimum patient comfort at all times.

Compact design

Designed to fit on a counter top, with products and status indicator clearly visible.

Efficient stock rotation

LED status indicators highlight which products are warm and ready for use first.

Heat 16 packs at any one time

Implementing a one-in, one-out policy enables a consistent supply of warm cloths ready for use.

Maintains a consistent temperature

A recommended optimum temperature of 45°C ensures that each pack is heated to the appropriate temperature for patient comfort.

Safety features for added security

Dual therm-sensor with auto shut off if over-heated.


Technical Details

Product Code WARM01UK

Dimensions (W x D x H) 44 x 32 x 48cm

Temperature Range 37°C to 58°C. Recommended: 45°C





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