Oral Fluid Testing Kits


Testing of Oral Fluid is a more recent addition to the testing matrix and is a vaible alternative to urine testing as the sample is less intrusive to collect.  However, oral fluid analysis is technically more difficult to complete as apposed to urine as the sample is smaller and the drugs are present in much smaller quantities.

Saliva testing is becoming more commonplace because as well as being less intrusive, the chances of sample adulteration are greatly reduced.  The Collection Technician is present for the duration of the sample collection, stopping the donor from swapping or adding adulterants to the sample.


Synergy Health provide a range of oral fluid testing kits in a variety of drug panels, follow the links below for more information: -

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The unique design of the Oral Fluid Twist Cassette incorporates a sample vial for clean, easy and efficient oral flud Drugs of Abuse testing.  Perfect for on site screening, the Oral Fluid Twist Cassette provide highly accurate results in under 10 minutes using just a small quantity of oral fluid...



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