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Synergy Health Pharmaceutical Laboratories' (SHPL) microbiological laboratory for mainland Europe is located in Ede, the Netherlands and offers you comprehensive support regarding the requirements for the development, manufacture and supply of medical devices. We work closely with Synergy Health AST to ensure that you have access to all the relevant knowledge and expertise. The high quality routine and bespoke testing services provide valuable support to customers with routine monitoring for controlling products, required to support product release.

SHPL's extensive experience in validating sterilisation processes, and the knowledge of Synergy Health AST provides a unique and valuable combination. The high quality, routine and bespoke microbiological testing services, will ensure a safe product release and continued control over your products. Wherever your business is based, we will ensure your products meet any requirements you may stipulate.

Microbiological Services

  • Method 1 acc. ISO 11137-2
  • Method VDmax25 acc. ISO 11137-2
  • Accelerated Aging Tests acc. ASTM F1980-07 "Standard guide for accelerated aging of sterile barrier systems for medical devices"
  • Routine microbiological laboratory tests, for instance bioburden testing, sterility testing and identification of micro-organisms
  • Environmental Monitoring for production and cleanroom locations



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