Proxima™ Drapes

Proxima drapes

The Proxima™ Drape range is one of the most extensive in the marketplace offering surgical specific drapes, drape packs, general utility and fenestrated drapes, available in a choice of fabrics:

SMS™ material - proven to be fluid repellent, low linting, strong, tearproof and, above all breathable. Thanks to this innovative SMS™ technology, Proxima™ surgical gowns and drapes provide high levels of protection against blood and fluids while offering the highest comfort.

DuPont™ Softesse® fabric which we call Eclipse® - providing a soft cloth like feel that conforms easily to the body.

Our extensive range includes drapes and drape packs for a variety of different procedures including general orthopaedic, gynaecology, obstetrics, urology, cardiovascular, ENT, neurosurgery and paediatric.

Proxima™ drapes feature a number of unique features and benefits that help make draping a little easier:

  • Velcro style tube and cable holders

  • Premium tape and incise film

  • Larger absorbent, impervious reinforced critical zones

  • Instrument pads for traction control

All Proxima™ products are latex free and all packaging is clearly labelled with a latex free symbol.

All Proxima™ drapes and gowns meet the European Standard EN13795.



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