Raucodrape® (Incise Drapes)


Synergy Health distribute the Raucodrape® range of surgical incise drapes. This elastic and supple incise drape is manufactured from a polyurethane film, coated with polyacrylate adhesive and is hypoallergenic.

The incise drape prevents the migration of micro-organisms, but is permeable to moisture vapour. Transparent and non-reflective; for covering the operation site; sterilised by irradiation.

Product Details

Size Product Code Case Qty
15 x 20 cm L25441 10
30 x 20 cm L25442 10
45 x 20 cm L25443 10
40 x 35 cm L25444 11
45 x 50 cm L25445 12
45 x 65 cm L25446 10
55 x 80 cm L25447 10
72 x 88 cm L25448 10



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