Relations with Shareholders

Relations with Shareholders

 The Group Chief Executive, Group Finance Director and the Group Company Secretary are responsible for ensuring effective communication with shareholders.  The Company places considerable importance on communication with shareholders, including its employee shareholders.

Apart from the Annual General Meeting, the Company communicates with its shareholders by way of the Annual Report & Financial Statements which are available to all shareholders either in paper form or electronically and can be accessed via the Company’s website The Group’s annual and interim results, as well as announcements issued by the London Stock Exchange are published on the Company’s website.

 The Company also communicated with its institutional shareholders through a combination of analysts’ briefings throughout the year but particularly at the interim and year-end results stage.

 Business at the Company’s Annual General Meeting will cover the Annual Report and Financial Statements, re-election of Directors, the re-appointment of auditors and the authorisation of the Directors to set the auditors’ fees.

 The proxy votes for and against each resolution, as well as abstentions are counted before the Annual General Meeting and the results will be made available at the meeting after shareholders have voted on each resolution on a show of hands.  All results, statements and Company announcements are accessible to all shareholders via the Group’s website

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