Reusable Drapes & Gowns

Surgeons in Theatre

Synergy Health is able to provide a vast range of reusable and disposable theatre linen.

Surgical gowns and drapes are essential components in preventing surgically acquired infections. At Synergy Health, we understand the clinical priority list for choosing a gown will include:

  • Technical merit for infection control
  • Function (e.g. fluid management)
  • Comfort
  • Economy 

No single system meets all of these requirements and this is reflected in the use of both disposables as well as reusables within most UK National Health Service theatres.
Synergy Health uniquely offers a comprehensive range of reusables and disposables to meet the requirements of the surgical team. In orthopaedics and urology for example, fluid control is essential and Synergy Health’s range of disposable products meets these challenges far better than reusables.  The range of reusable gowns on the other hand is often seen to outperform the disposable equivalents.

Synergy Health’s strategy is to assist theatres in establishing best practice within this service area by defining product and service needs per procedure, and re-engineering service delivery where desired.

Through a process of consultation with the surgical teams Synergy Health is able to define a draping system using barrier products for each procedure.  By defining the draping system we are confident from our experiences that the overall number of drapes used for each theatre will be reduced, enabling these savings to support the higher quality draping system.
Synergy Health is unique amongst laundry providers in offering a full range of disposable theatre linen products to augment its re-useable service. This means that the Trust is not ‘locked-in’ to reusable linen and has the flexibility to upgrade items within the contract.
All rental theatre linen is inspected and packaged in a Class K minimum standard clean room audited to ISO 9001 (2000) and CE accredited. The re-usable gowns are laundered through a process that complies with HSG95 (18). Sterile packs are wrapped in crepe and peel pouch, which is superior to using linen wraps. All sterile packs are also identified with a full list of pack contents and both production and best-before date to assist the staff with stock management.

All items of linen are uniquely bar-coded in order that products may be tracked through the production process and through to the end user. All pack lists also carry a unique peelable bar code that can be affixed to patient records. This number can also be quoted to Synergy Health in the event of any problems and used to track the product back through the production process.



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