Synergy Health is not only committed to providing accurate, reliable results, but is also committed to providing these results in a timely manner.  To assist in this, Synergy Health have developed Review, which is a free online service enabling customers secure access to their results within minutes of authorisation by laboratory staff.

Access to Review is provided by a secure link from the Synergy Health website.  Review uses a highly secure SSL Web Server Certificate to guarantee online safety for all customers.  This ensures that any information shared across the internet can only be accessed by validated users.

Setting up Review

Setting customers up to use Review is a simple process.  There is no need for any software installation as the Synergy Health IT Department only require the customers External IP address.  Upon request, a secure Review account can be created and customers will be afforded access to their results.

System Requirements

To access Review, customers require the following: -

  • MS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
  • MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or above

To access Review, please click here

For more information on Review, or to speak to a Sales Representative, please call Synergy Health on 01873 856 688.



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