Ultracloth™ Dry Patient Wipes

Ultracloth dry patient wipes

The Ultracloth™ range of dry patient cleansing wipes are suitable for a wide range of applications. Low-linting, soft, absorbent, strong, maceratable and flushable, there is a wipe to address every need.

The wipes are also Z-folded to aid infection control, as only one wipe is ever visible at any time.

Both Conti™ and Ultracloth™ wipes can be used together with the Clinisan™ range of foams and bodywashes, delivering a comprehensive patient skin cleansing system.

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Ultracloth flushmee wipes

No More Blocked Drains Ultracloth™ Flushmee has been developed as a flushable and macerator-friendly wipe that ends the problem of blocked drains. There is no need to remove the soiled wipe from the bedpan or commode. This saves time for nursing staff and reduces clinical waste and infection...

Ultracloth velvet wipes

Multitude of Uses Ultracloth™ Velvet has an enhanced blend of absorbent fibres and is suitable for everyday patient cleansing needs in the hospital and nursing home environment. Strong, Soft, Large, Absorbent Ultracloth™ Velvet is large and absorbent with a soft 'textile' feel, making it...



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