Ultracloth™ Flushmee Wipes

Ultracloth flushmee wipes

No More Blocked Drains

Ultracloth™ Flushmee has been developed as a flushable and macerator-friendly wipe that ends the problem of blocked drains.

There is no need to remove the soiled wipe from the bedpan or commode.

This saves time for nursing staff and reduces clinical waste and infection risks.

Effective Dry and Wet

Ultracloth™ Flushmee is effective both dry and wet and is ideal for more demanding patient cleansing needs. Capable of absorbing many times its own weight, it is more economical than lighter weight cloths as fewer wipes are needed for heavy soiling episodes.


Once the cleaning task is done, there is no need to remove the soiled wipes from the pan; Ultracloth™ Flushmee is designed for disposal in a macerator along with the waste. This reduces clinical waste and infection control risks to staff.

Single Patient Packs

Ultracloth™ Flushmee wipes are Z-folded to aid infection control, as only one wipe is ever visible at any time. Ultracloth™ Flushmee comes in a single patient pack to help reduce wastage and costs associated with larger pack sizes.


Product Information


Product Code Wipe Size Pack Qty Case Qty
RSC567 33 x 29cm 50 36




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