Urine Testing Kits


Within the industry, urine is still considered to be the 'Gold Standard' and is the most commonly used specimen type for Drugs of Abuse testing.  Just some of the benefits of using urine for Drugs of Abuse screening are listed as follows: -

  • Only one sample is required for laboratory confirmation testing.  The original sample can be split into A and B samples if the quantity is sufficient
  • In comparison to other testing methods, urine is relatively inexpensive.
  • Urine testing is a lot less intrusive than hair or blood testing
  • The window of detection for Drugs of Abuse is greater for each individual drug than in saliva
  • The technology used for testing urine samples has matured and is considered to be very reliable

Synergy Health provide a range of urine testing kits in a variety of drug panels, follow the links below for more information: -

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The Integrated Split Key® Cup is an easy to use on-site Drugs of Abuse instant screening kit that combines the collection cup and the testing device.  The unique design of the Integrated Split Key® Cup, incorporating a key activator, means that the flow of urine to the analysis chamber is...


As an alternative to the Integrated Cups, Synergy Health can also provide urine drug dip test kits. The urine drug dip test cassettes can either be supplied individually or as part of a full collection kit. The collection kit includes a collection pot with a built in temperature indicator. Synergy...


Synergy Health provides a range of integrated urine drug test cups that provide an instant result at the point of care. DrugCheck® Integrated Cups are simple to use. They require no handling or manipulation to active the testing and integration means that neither the donor nor the collector has...



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