Patient Hygiene Solutions


A range of wipes, foams and bodywashes for effective patient cleansing.

As a supplier to the UK and several other National Health Services and countries all over the globe for over 35 years, our trusted patient hygiene range of bed bathing, dry and moist wipes, foams and bodywashes offer a comprehensive choice for healthcare professionals.

Our innovative bed bathing system provides an effective alternative to a soap and water bath.  Pleasant to use, the system provides many benefits in time and cost savings, convenience, physiological and psychological benefits to the patient. 

The cost effective Conti™ dry wipes range from the economy of the Conti™ Lite to the effective absorbency of the Conti™ Washcloth, are the ideal choice for patient care and have many uses in the healthcare environment for general patient cleansing.  In combination with the Clinisan™ range of skin cleansing foams and bodywashes, Conti™ and Clinisan™ provide a complete patient cleansing system.

For intimate hygiene and special cleansing tasks, a range of specialized moist wipes is available including Oasis™ Cinco™ and Oasis™ Flushmee™ to cleanse, moisturize and deodorize for continence care.

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The Clinisan™ range of emollient skin cleansing foams and bodywashes has been developed with specific personal cleansing needs in mind.  For personal cleansing, the Clinisan™ range not only cleanses the skin, it protects and conditions it as well.  All products are soap free and contain added...


As the leading brand within the UK NHS for over 35 years, the Conti® range of patient cleansing wipes have been developed in partnership with healthcare prfessionals offering a comprehensive and vertatile range for everyday personal cleansing. Conti® wipes are manufactured in the UK using the...


The latest additions to our market leading Conti® range, our new improved Conti® Continence Care Wipes and Conti® Wet Wipes provide the ideal solution for everyday patient cleansing and continence care, whilst also being gentle enough to be used on the most fragile and sensitive skin. Manufactured...


Give a bed bath in one simple step without water, bowls, washcloths, soap, towels and lotions with the Oasis™ Bed Bath System The Oasis™ Bed Bath System is an alternative to a soap and water bed bath.  The system offers a practical solution to those with limited mobility who are unable to easily...


The Oasis™ range of moist patient cleansing wipes are suitable for a wide range of applications.  Convenient moist cleansing in a pack, these wipes are soft, strong and dermatologically tested. Oasis™ Moist is ideal for hands and face, Oasis™ Cinco™ and Flushmee™ for special continence care and...


The Ultracloth™ range of dry patient cleansing wipes are suitable for a wide range of applications. Low-linting, soft, absorbent, strong, maceratable and flushable, there is a wipe to address every need. The wipes are also Z-folded to aid infection control, as only one wipe is ever visible at any...

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