About Hospital Sterilisation Services

About Hospital Sterilisation Services

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Synergy is a leading provider of outsourced and managed decontamination services for reprocessing surgical instruments. Using innovative systems, such as SynergyTrak, Synergy has created an operating model that significantly improves service and instrument processing quality, while significantly reducing operating costs.

In the UK, Synergy processes in excess of 80 million surgical instruments per year for Acute NHS Trusts, NHS primary care providers and healthcare operators in the private sector. Synergy is the UK’s market leader in the provision of this service with 20 sterile service departments in operation, which include both on-site and off-site facilities.  

Synergy understands the importance of the decontamination service, and draws on over 15 years of experience to deliver a service on which customers can rely. In partnership with our clients Synergy, provides a service that:

  • Maximises patient safety
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Saves costs and adds value
  • Achieves the highest level of service quality

Synergy Health has been providing Hospital Sterilisation Services since 1996 when the first commercial contract for sterile services was awarded. Today Synergy Health has built an extensive network in the UK and US, which is now expanding into Asia and Europe.  

For more information about how our HSS business contributes to global sustainability and the community please refer to our CSR initiatives

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