About Hospital Sterilization Services: The Americas

About Hospital Sterilization Services: The Americas

Synergy Health is a leading provider of outsourced and managed central services for the reprocessing of surgical instruments.  Using innovative solutions, Synergy Health has created an operating model that significantly improves service and instrument quality while reducing operating costs, allowing hospitals to spend more time and money on what matters most…patient care.

Synergy Health is the United States' market leader in the provision of this service with over 13 sterile service facilities in operation, which include both on-site and off-site facilities.

Synergy Health understands the importance of the Central Service department and draws on over 15 years of experience delivering excellence, processing over 100 million instruments across the group.  In partnership with our clients, Synergy Health provides a service that:

  • Improves OR turnover and throughput
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Is cost effective
  • Improves service levels, promoting physician and staff satisfaction
  • Reduces the need for Immediate Use Sterilization

Synergy Health has an extensive network with over 35 reprocessing facilities across the United States, Mainland Europe and Asia.

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