Azo™ Traywrap

Azo traywrap

Azo Resist™ and Azo Protek Plus™ tray wrapping materials have been widely used in the UK market for the past 10 years.. Compliant with EN ISO 11607 part 1, users are reassured that their trays are being prepared in-line with the latest standards.

Azo Resist™ is a tightly bonded, lint free nonwoven fabric and provides a highly effective barrier against both airborne and fluid-borne bacteria. Available in blue and green or packed blue/green interleaved Azo Resist™ is available in a wide selection of sizes.

Azo Protek Plus™ is the strongest combination of wrapping materials from Synergy Health. Comprising a green inner wrap of tightly bonded, lint free non-woven and a blue outer wrap of spun bonded layered polymer (SMS), Protek Plus™ is recommended when a stronger wrap is required.

  • EN ISO 11607 Part 1 and EN868 part 2 compliant - confidence in meeting current standards

  • Large selection of sizes ensures a wrap for all tray sizes and needs

  • Pre-packed blue/green interleaved - easy to unpack and use from one wrapping stand

  • Soft surface texture - pleasant to work with and easy to handle

  • Abrasion resistant and low linting – minimises risk of contamination

  • Non-toxic - safe and non-irritant for staff

  • High fluid and alcohol repellency – prevents strike through and protects packs from fluidborne bacteria



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