Bert™ Bags for Endoscopic Retrieval of Tissue

Nubert pouch

The Bert™ range of retrieval bags were developed alongside the advance of minimally invasive surgery, the cost effective Bert™ family of bags can prove invaluable in all types of laparoscopic procedures.

The Bert™ range is made from medical grade rip stop nylon, with a polyurethane inner coating.  This fabric, coupled with stitched and welded reinforced seams gives security and strength to aid smooth retrieval of tissue.

All bags can be used with standard laparoscopic instrumentation, requiring no special introducers, opening or closing devices.

A blue identification tag indicates the angled opening to further aid specimen retrieval, while the tapered design not only minimises tissue bunching but also encourages automatic bag closure upon extraction.  The bags are all safeguarded by X-Ray detectable thread.

The range consists of the following products:

  • Bert™ - the original bag designed for removing excised tissue during laparoscopic surgery.
  • Nubert™ - an impervious bag designed for removing excised tissue during laparoscopic surgery.
  • Nubert™ Plus - has all the features of Nubert™ but with an extended tail for external location.
  • Nubert™ DS - has all the features of Nubert™ but with a simple drawstring.
  • Albert™- a larger bag able to accommodate a greater amount of tissue while still maintaining the simplicity and reliability of the original concept.
  • Hubert™ - the largest of the range designed to accommodate larger amounts of tissue. 

Product Details

Product User Capacity Size Product Code NPC Code Case Qty
*Bert™   80ml 14 x 6.5cm 24000 FAL024 10 bags
Nubert™   100ml 17 x 9cm 24003 FAL006 10 bags
Nubert Plus™  100ml 17 x 9cm 24004 FBE056 10 bags
Nubert DS™  100ml 17 x 9cm 24005 - 10 bags
Albert™  600ml 30 x 12.5cm 24001 FAL004 5 bags
Hubert™ 2500ml 35 x 20cm 24002 - 5 bags

*This product is not impervious.

All Bert™ products are manufactured by Synergy Health in the United Kingdom, undergo rigorous quality assurance testing and have been toxicologically tested to BS EN ISO 10993 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices).



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