Caring for our people

Caring for our people

Employee training and development

Our success is based on being able to attract, develop and retain talent at every level of the organisation. We have a proven track record of developing careers and helping employees fulfil their potential. This provides an exciting environment for ambitious people and is central to attracting talented individuals. 

Our approach is focused on developing and enhancing the leadership and management capability of the entire organisation.

Synergy continues to invest in its Graduate Programme, established in 2008. Our graduates perform a variety of roles on the two-year programme, and report into a senior manager to ensure that they receive the necessary development needs. A number of employees initially recruited on the programme are performing in senior and middle management positions.


Employee engagement 

Regular two-way communication with our employees is vital in ensuring that we all share in the common goals and values, foster innovation, and deliver service excellence.

We have a number of systems in place that enable us to understand the opinions of our employees. Our annual employee engagement survey is a useful tool for feedback, and we also hold employee forums and works councils within the Group. We continue to utilise an internal social media platform to communicate achievements, our daily challenges, insights into the different business units, and access to thought leadership across the business.



Our policy is to recruit the best available people who are aligned with and embody our core values of achievement, integrity, accountability and innovation. These values apply throughout the Group regardless of seniority of position. Synergy is committed to equality, judging applications for employment neither by race, nationality, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation nor political bias.

We passionately believe that our future success is dependent on attracting and retaining people from a cross-section of our communities, and in doing so we will create competitive advantage for Synergy. Our recent growth in Asia and the Americas has helped diversify our senior leadership community. We promote a supportive and inclusive culture for all our employees and third party business partners. However, we also recognise that there is a need to create the right environment to support our diversity strategy.

The senior leadership team continues to look at developing our business to improve its attractiveness to new recruits, as well as to provide support networks for minority groups to positively support their personal development.


Our values

Achievement – We believe our success comes from our focus on exceeding expectations and our commitment to go that extra mile, however small the difference may seem.

Integrity – We believe that the way we work is as important as what we do. We care deeply about the quality of our work and inspire trust by delivering on promises.

Accountability – We take personal responsibility for our actions and are equipped to take the right course of action.

Innovation – We achieve the best possible results by working with customers to develop new ways of solving problems and reducing risk.



Our ethics policy can be found online at

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