Comfifast™ MultiStretch™ Tubular Bandages

Comfifast MultiStretch Tubular Bandages

Comfifast MultiStretch tubular bandages have been developed using MultiStretch™ technology; enabling the bandage to stretch in multiple directions - radial, longitudinal and diagonal, designed to provide complete freedom of movement and enhance patient comfort.

Comfifast™ MultiStretch™ is indicated for use on patients with eczema, controlled lymphodema and venous disease and can also be used for dressing retention and skin covering for fragile skin.  Comfifast™ MultiStretch™ offers all the features of Comfifast™ with additional benefits.

Additional Benefits

  • Complete freedom of movement.
  • Enhanced patient comfort.
  • Conforms to mis-shapend limbs.
  • Suitable for use under compression bandaging or hosiery garments.

Visit the Comfi™ Range website for more information on dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping of atopic eczema and other conditions.

DVD Supporting the Treatment of Atopic Eczema

Our educational DVD produced in association with the National Eczema Society provides a practical guide to wet, dry and patch wrapping of atopic eczema and is FREE to healthcare professionals.

To obtain your copy, call us on ++44 (0)1772 299 900 or email us at

Product Details

Width (Unstretched) Application Limb Circumf. 1m Code 3m Code 5m Code 10m Code 10m NPC

Red Line 3.5cm

Small Limbs 8 - 15cm FMS12 - - FMS15 EGP036

Green Line 5.0cm

Medium Limbs 10 - 25cm FMS22 FMS23 FMS24 FMS25 EGP037

Blue Line 7.5cm

Large Limbs 20 - 45cm FMS32 FMS33 FMS34 FMS35 EGP038

Yellow Line 10.75cm

Extra Large Limbs, Head, Trunk (Child) 35 - 65cm FMS42 FMS43 FMS44 FMS45 EGP039

Beige Line 17.5cm

Trunk (Adult) 50 - 120cm FMS52 - - FMS55 EGP040


sub product listing


Indications ATOPIC ECZEMA Comfifast™ MultiStretch™ bandages can be used for: Wet or dry wrapping Patch wrapping localised areas of atopic eczema e.g. elbows and knees Offering greater protection for fragile eczematous skin, for example when the patient attempts to scratch the skin....



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