Comfigrip™ Elasticated Tubular Bandage BP

Comfigrip Tubular Bandages

A range of elasticated tubular bandages developed for light support for muscle strains, sprains and joints.  Comfigrip™ is comfortable to wear allowing complete freedom of movement, offered in a wide range of sizes to fit all areas of the body, washable and reusable for durable wearing.  Comfigrip™ contains natural rubber latex.  

Key Benefits

  • Provides effective support
  • Stays in place without pins or tapes 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Full range of sizes available 
  • Washable and reuseable 

*Comfigrip™ Latex Free option is also available for patients allergic to natural rubber latex.

Visit the Comfi™ Range website for more information on dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping of atopic eczema and other conditions.

Product Details

Size Width (Unstretched) Application Limb Circumf. 0.5m Natural Code 1m Natural Code 10m Natural Code 10m Natural NPC Code
A 4.50cm Infant Feet or Arms 10 - 13cm - - GAN5* EGA020
B 6.25cm Small Hands and Arms 13 - 16cm GBN1 GBN2 GBN5* EGA022
C 6.75cm Medium Arms, Small Ankles 16 - 20cm GCN1 GCN2 GCN5* EGA024
D 7.50cm Large Arms, Medium Ankles, Small Knees 20 - 24cm GDN1 GDN2 GDN5* EGA005
E 8.75cm Large Ankles, Medium Knees, Small Thighs 24 - 28cm GEN1 GEN2 GEN5* EGA006
F 10.00cm Large Knees, Medium Thighs 28 - 36cm GFN1 GFN2 GFN5* EGA007
G 12.00cm Large Thighs 36 - 46cm GGN1 GGN2 GGN5* EGA008
J 17.50cm Small Trunks 46 - 110cm - - GJN5 EGA026
K 21.50cm Medium Trunks 110 - 145cm - - GKN5 EGA028
L 32.50cm Large Trunks 145+cm - - GLN5 EGA030




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