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Concept Podiatry pack

The growing range of Concept™ single-use instruments not only includes single components but also suture, podiatry, IUD, perineal repair, dental examination, delivery and skin biopsy packs.

With hardened cutting and gripping edges and a high level of finish, the Concept™ range has been manufactured without compromising build quality or materials. Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, to exacting standards, the Concept™ range of single-use instruments is designed to meet the high expectations of healthcare professionals.

  • No need to reprocess - reduces risk of contamination to staff and patient
  • Three part traceability label on each product pack - full tracking of usage to patient notes / hospital records
  • Individual inspection - ensures conformance to design specifications

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Examples of the single-use instruments available from Synergy Health.     Forceps Description Product Code Case Qty Iris Dissecting Forceps (Toothed) - 10cm 18005 25 Iris Dissecting Forceps (Plain) - 10cm 18016 25 Spencer Well Artery...

Podiatry pack

Examples of the single-use instrument packs available from Synergy Health include suture packs, obstetrics and gynaecology, podiatry and dental packs.     Suture Packs Description Product Code Case Qty Suture Pack 1 (Standard Instrument Set) 18001 20...



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