Detex™ X-Ray Detectable Swabs

Detex Swabs

Detex™ X-ray detectable gauze swabs have been used in the operating room for over 4 decades and offer unique features:

  • Detex™ has a unique, innovative and lightweight perforated blue inner wrap which allows for rapid presentation of product with minimal waste
  • Unique removable 3-part traceability labels on outer wrap maximises patient safety
  • Double wrapped in line with aseptic opening practice to minimise contamination
  • Automated production - provides consistency in quality and supply
  • Quality checks including visual inspection, metal detection and weight checks for correct bundles of tied 5
  • Swabs visible on all commonly used X-Ray media including plain X-Ray film and Image Intensifier Fluoroscopy

All sterile Detex™ X-ray detectable gauze swabs have full transferable traceability labels on all outer packs.

The comprehensive Detex™ swab range is manufactured to British Pharmacopia (BP) and EN 14079 standards ensuring a quality product in terms of strength, absorbency, thread construction and ability to be X-Ray detectable.

Product Detail Examples

Description and Size  Product Code  NPC Code Case Qty 
5cm x 5cm (32ply)  22482 EMI005 96 pks 
7.5cm x 7.5cm (8ply) (Drug Tariff )  40603 - 144 pks 
7.5cm x 7.5cm (8ply) (Green)  22421 - 480 pks 
7.5cm x 7.5cm (12ply)  22414 - 480 pks 
10cm x 7.5cm (32ply)  28934 - 120 pks 
10cm x 10cm (12ply) (Green)  28931 - 160 pks 
10cm x 10cm (16ply)  28930 - 120 pks 
10cm x 10cm (32ply)  28933 - 80 pks 
15cm x 2.5cm (16ply)  21951 EMI282 96 pks 
15cm x 10cm (24ply)  28932 - 72 pks 
22.5cm x 22.5cm (12ply) (with tape)  28937 - 36 pks 
30cm x 30cm (12ply) (with tape)  28938 EMI119 24 pks 
30cm x 30cm (12ply)  28925 - 24 pks 
30cm x 30cm (24ply) (with tape)  28921 - 16 pks 
36cm x 11cm (16ply)  28936 - 32 pks 
45cm x 45cm (12ply) (with tape)  28939 - 12 pks 




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