Workshop: Radiation Sterilization of Medical Devices

From Date: 
Wednesday, 1 June, 2016
End Date: 
Wednesday, 1 June, 2016
The need to understand and compare the available technologies and take into account the regulatory requirements is essential for any manufacturer of sterile devices.
The relationship between manufacturers and sterilization providers is an important element in assisting with the production and supply of products to customers. With over 40 years experience, STERIS AST, global supplier of outsourced sterilization services is uniquely positioned to provide an experts’ insight into sterilization technologies. This sterilization course will provide a valuable overview of the available technologies as well as guidance on understanding the factors needed to take into account when considering sterilization.
It will also examine approaches for validating these processes to ISO standards. Our courses are designed to give practical guidance to the participants and to explore new cycle design and regulatory requirements.
  • Introduction to radiation
  • Background on Gamma, Electron beam and X-ray
  • Dose mapping validations
  • Routine processing
  • Effects of radiation on materials
  • Facility Gamma site
  • Practical aspects of radiation processing
  • Quality assurance managers/officers
  • Regulatory anagers/officers
  • Technical staff
  • Research and development staff
  • Production staff



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