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How are you able to guarantee a saving and what budget costs is this based upon?

Synergy is the most experienced provider of outsourced sterile services in the UK. We have an unrivalled understanding of the cost drivers and are able to leverage an ever increasing purchasing power. Our productivity and efficiency levels are also improving year after year. The investment we have made in bespoke technologies is paying off and it is our goal to ensure our new NHS partners share in these achievements. The implementation of RFID tracking to individual instruments is a genuine game-changer and this new technology is a major contributor to future efficiency improvements.

The guarantee is based upon the key operational cost elements in any SSD. These are labour and materials.


How flexible are you with the front loaded savings offer?

We are committed to providing our new NHS partners with the savings they require and at the times best suited to them. We have provided a simple example but are happy to be as flexible as you require to ensure we meet your specific needs.

Will I pay a premium if I elect a front loaded savings option?

In order for us to offer significant discounts in the early years of any new service agreement, we will need to spread the small working capital cost of this over later years.


Can I choose a fixed annual price?

Yes. As part of our guarantee, and where our customers see this as a benefit for them, we are happy to facilitate a fixed price arrangement. This will help to ensure you have full certainty of future costs as well as benefiting from a greatly reduced price.  A ‘cap and collar’ will be applied to capture significant upward or downward movement in processing activity.

Sterile Service outsourcing is typically a variable annual price driven by the hospital activity.


What experience do Synergy have of running SSDs?

Synergy is the largest and most experienced outsourced provider of sterile services in the UK. Currently operating from 19 facilities but processing for over 100 separate NHS and private healthcare sites. We process 80 million instruments each year with our NHS partners.


Will contract terms be adequate and will they incorporate a performance monitoring mechanism?

We will issue a simple but comprehensive contract document that includes on-market or better terms containing full risk transfer to us. With terms that have already been agreed with multiple NHS Trusts.

The contract will include appropriate incentives to perform. We know that it is important to every NHS Trust that their suppliers demonstrate high levels of performance and are accountable for this. This will be achieved through performance KPIs designed to protect your demand for high performance.


Is there a minimum term we will be required to commit to?

The term upon which you are willing to contract is entirely up to you. To ensure the guaranteed savings level we would however recommend a minimum term of 5 years.


What improvements can be achieved in theatres from RFID tagging instruments?

The benefits of RFID are profound and include, but are not limited to:

  • Eliminates the risk of retained surgical instruments
  • It will make pre and post-operative instrument counts so fast that theatre utilisation can improve
  • Cancelled operations due missing instruments will be a thing of the past
  • Trusts will be able to much more accurately manage their inventory, thereby reducing capital expenditure currently required for instrument losses and lifecycle replacement
  • Individual instrument use is fully traceable to the patient record
  • RFID connected patient, instrument and consumables, facilitates accurate procedure costing


Are you able to help us with the procurement process?

Yes. We are very experienced with public outsourcing and can assist you and your procurement team to select the most appropriate procurement route that helps you achieve the guaranteed savings as soon as possible. 

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