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Hospital Sterilisation Services: Market Leader

Operating from over 35 specialist sterile service facilities across the globe, Synergy Health is the leading provider of outsourced and managed sterile services for reprocessing surgical instruments. Synergy Health has been providing sterile service since 1996 and processes more than 100 million surgical instruments per year for hospitals, medical clinics and private healthcare providers. Our global services include:

  • We are able to offer both an on-site or off-site processing solution
  • Consulting:  Our experts are able to analyse and support process improvement
  • Training and Education:  Our trainers are able to provide training to ensure that your employees are meeting the relevant criteria
  • Contingency support: we offer on-demand instrument processing when hospitals are unable to process at their facilities, reasons for this include: weather, sterilization failure

The services we provide are making an impact on hospitals in the following ways:

  • Help to improve infection prevention and control
  • Improving instrument utilization, helping to reduce the need to increase instrument inventory
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve efficiency and reduced defects
  • Help to create a safer patient environment

As an experienced provider, and because Synergy Health operates more sterile service facilities than any other commercial provider, we are able to ensure an uninterrupted service to our customers at all times.

One of the pillars of Synergy’s business is SynergyTrak™ the track and tracing solution developed by Synergy Health to significantly enhance both product and service quality. SynergyTrak™ improves the overall cost management of a department as well as being an invaluable tool for managing the surgical instrument inventory. Find out more about Synergy Health’s leading SynergyTrak system here

Synergy Health adheres, as a minimum, to all required sterile service processing standards.

For more information about the sterilisation service that Synergy Health can offer, please use the menu on the left or contact us:

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As a service provider to the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Synergy Health continues to feel proud of being a valued partner to our NHS clients and part of one of the finest healthcare systems in the world.  Free at the point of use, regardless of ability to pay.

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