Laundry and linen room services

Laundry and linen room services

Personal laundry gets our personal attention

There is an increasing need for the care of clients’ laundry in institutions. This is a special product flow that requires special attention, due to the emotional value of the articles of clothing.

The basic premise is that clean clothing is back in your client’s closet as soon as possible. In addition, it is important to minimize the risk of loss. That is why Synergy Health works with a unique concept. We provide cleaning and care of your clients’ laundry in partnership and open calculation, in or near your institution. With this kind of collaboration, we set up a small-scale launderette on location. By using professionals and high-quality materials and products, this closed product flow is processed at a high quality level.

All linen room activities in this set-up are taken care of  by Synergy Health. Our employees ensure that the clothing is quickly back in your clients’ closets, all clean and sorted. In addition to this service, we also offer private laundry care for your outpatient clients. If desired, we will then bill the client directly for this service through pre-authorized debit.

In the last few years, Synergy Health has developed various concepts that focus on the ideal situation for care facilities. We are happy to provide services that meet the needs of  your institution.


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