Management Information

Management Information

Bundling our activities and managing product flow

Shared Service Centre (SSC)

In our Shared Service Centre we bundle all the activities that go with linen rental, laundry care, warehouse management and distribution. This provides our clients and ourselves with a logistics chain and all the advantages that brings.

Within the SSC set-up, your institution will use the internal services of Synergy Health. Our launderette and linen room employees take care of the internal management and the delivery of warehouse products up to the end user. In this set-up it is possible to have your small internal product flow carried along in the distribution. Our logistics partner takes care of the product management and the delivery of all warehouse products. By bundling these activities you save work and storage space. You will keep the (purchase) production in your own hands and at the same time benefit from our large purchase volumes.

Management information

Synergy Health has developed the Lingrip budget information system for the management of products flow. We provide the information that is relevant to you, free of charge, at At this website you can download use analyses (both financial and in numbers per department). You can check these for the agreed use standard(s) and previous periods (years). We implement your information wishes in a flexible way and guide your organization in efficient linen-use.


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