Service provision in partnership

Service provision in partnership

Synergy Health offers a complete service provision concept in partnership. This will add value to your organization.

Sterilization services for optimum safety of your patient.

SynergyHealth Nederland

Synergy Health has been guaranteeing the safety risks of patients for years, with a quality management system for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing hospital instruments. Click here for the information request form.

A total package of logistics services for healthcare facilities

Hospital Logistics


Hospital Logistics banner


Hospital Logistics ensures optimization of care, in a product and price-neutral way, from a centrally located Medical Distribution Centre by providing:

  • A substantial decrease in warehouse space
  • A substantial decrease in administrative and logistics costs
  • A structural elimination of logistics worries for the medically trained personnel of the institution.


Visit one or several of the websites below for your clothing selection.
Then make an appointment with our account manager through our information request form.


Synergy Health takes care of the rental or sale of high quality work garments in collaboration with the following clothing manufacturers:


Dickies Nederland


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With well-known labels such as Hensen, Mirabel and Cinici, the organization has been a recognized supplier and partner of a great many hospitals, care institutions and various prominent organizations in the business world for nearly a century.

The Hensen label has built up an international reputation with specialized products for the cleanroom industry.

Kwintet KLM Kleding


Kwintet KLM Kleding banner


A reliable logistics service provider in the field of innovative, professional garments.

De Berkel


De Berkel banner


De Berkel B.V. was founded by the Ten Bruggencate family in 1948. Until 1995, the company was located in Borculo, on the De Berkel river, to which it owes its name.

In the 1980s, the centres of production gradually moved abroad and De Berkel moved to Varsseveld, which is easily accessible on the A18.



Sarco banner


Sarco is a design-driven manufacturer of clothing for health care and companies in various sectors. Since its inception from the fashion branch, Sarco has been bringing collections to the market which link high functionality to a contemporary, fashionable look.

De Bonnet


De Bonnet banner


The company De Bonnet is an organization that has claimed a leading position in the ready-to-wear garment industry.

This position is due to the quality, quick delivery and logistics handling that De Bonnet has realized through the years!


Visit one or several of the websites above for your clothing selection.

Then make an appointment with our account manager through our information request form.


Complete solutions for clothing distribution and management:

Laundry Computer Technics


Laundry Computer Technics banner


Smart, automated, logistics solutions are offered in collaboration with (KUA/KIA) for the management of hanging garments and other personal possessions. Solutions that are broadly applicable, reliable and easy to use.



IndAut banner


For small-scale and simple distribution of folded custom work garments, a semi-automated cabinet system offers the ultimate solution for your institution.



Your top quality curtains




Your curtains and/or net curtains, supplied by a specialized curtain material wholesaler with a unique collection for thematic applications. For your healthcare facility, a complete curtain service in rent or sale through Synergy Health.


De Textielverwenners

De Textielverwenners dry-clean it well


De Textielverwenners banner


De Textielverwenners are one of the three top dry-cleaners in the Netherlands and are, by far, the market leader when it comes to consumer-oriented cleaning service for nationwide shop chains, healthcare facilities and the Corporate Identity Clothing Handling for large companies.

Synergy Health, together with the Textielverwenners, each serves a portion of the Netherlands from their own locations. The advantage of this is that the distance between the client and Textielverwenner is as small as possible. Of course, nationwide chains or other large projects are managed from one central location. Cleaning of all types of textiles is done by expert personnel, who have the use of the most up-to-date machinery. For more information inquire at your own Synergy Health branch.


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