Medical Sterilisation Packaging (Bags, Pouches and Reels)

Sterilisation packaging

Packaging is one of the most important processes in the preparation of sterile goods.  The pouch or bag must safely contain and protect its contents from deterioration, damage and contamination and should not itself contribute to product contamination.

Synergy Health is the sole UK distributor of Amcor SPS bags, reels and pouches. These high quality products meet the requirements for modern sterilisation packaging materials.

Products are manufactured in compliance with the strictest international standards for in-house sterilisation by steam and EO.

  • Pouches made from a specially treated paper - less fibres released when a pouch is opened and reducing the risk of contamination

  • New film technology increases impact strength of pouch film up to 10 times - virtually eliminates the shattering of film when opening

  • Indicators are placed between the 2 layers which make-up the pouch film - prevents offsetting and leakage of ink

  • Double turn fold on sterilisation bags - reduces the risk of bursting and the cost implications of re-packs

  • Meet EN ISO 11607 part 1 and EN 868-4 standards



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