ComfiHeal Clinical Study Results


ComfiHeal™ study demonstrates dramatic improvements in wound healing.

The results from a recent clinical study have demonstrated significant improvements in wound condition and healing from the use of ComfiHeal™ foam dressing. 

The study was conducted at a leading wound healing clinic and involved subjects predominantly presenting with venous leg ulcers.  Several subjects saw dramatic improvements in peri-wound condition with maceration and erythema quickly resolved.  One subject was removed from the study early as the wound had made significant progress and ComfiHeal™ was no longer required.  Other subjects witnessed increased granulation tissue formation and preservation of new healthy tissue, contributing to wound healing.

The gentle silicone border was extremely kind to skin with no significant reactions despite several patients having experienced reactions from alternative dressings in the past.  The superabsorbent foam layer of ComfiHeal™ absorbed and held exudate well with the subjects’ wounds quickly changing from saturated to moist conditions.  In-vitro tests have also demonstrated that ComfiHeal™ offers up to 37% higher absorption capacity compared to other foam dressings on the market.

One of the key findings from the study found that there was a pronounced benefit in the peri-wound condition when using ComfiHeal™.  The subjects experienced reduced peri-wound erythema and a significant reduction in maceration due to the superior absorption and gentle silicone border.  In fact, the gentle adhesion of the silicone border led to decreased pain levels over the period of the study, a key concern for patients living with complex wounds.    

Rachel Houghton, Category Manager, Woundcare at Synergy Health said: ‘We are delighted with the results from this study which demonstrates some dramatic improvements from the use of ComfiHeal™.  Patients with complex wounds face a multitude of issues from managing exudate, pain and discomfort at dressing changes, to creating the right environment for optimal wound healing.  ComfiHeal™ foam dressing has been clinically proven to improve the wound condition and healing, providing a new treatment option in the management of complex wounds.’

The lead Clinician from the wound healing clinic added: ‘Several subjects made significant progress in a short period of time using the dressing.  One subject’s peri-wound tissue went from constantly breaking down to healthy by the third dressing change. Similarly, another subject’s erythema, indicative of proteolytic enzyme damage, was resolved by the end of week two of using ComfiHeal™.  All subjects expressed that the comfort of the dressing as a key benefit throughout the study and this was reflected in the VAS pain scores.”

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