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Nurses in England are having to “ration” care because of time pressures.

A new study by BMJ Quality and Safety journal says that nurses in England are having to “ration” care because of time pressures. The study involved almost 3,000 registered nurses working in general/surgical wards across 46 acute NHS hospitals in England.

The study found that 86% of nurses reported that one or more care activities have been left undone due to lack of time on their last shift. The study took place between January and September 2010 and found that on average, nurses said they had been unable to do or complete 4 activities with talking and comforting patients suffering the most.

The Productive Ward: Releasing time to care initiative, focuses on improving ward processes and environments to help nurses spend more time on patient care thereby improving safety and efficiency.

Joanne Hardwick, Managing Director – Patient Hygiene for Synergy Health, said: “Simple changes to patient hygiene practices can result in significant time savings contributing to The Productive Ward initiative. As an example, a product evaluation has shown that 15 minutes can be saved per bed bath by switching from soap and water to Oasis pre-packaging bed bathing wipes. That’s potentially 21 hours of nursing time per week, on a typical 12-bedded ITU ward that could be spent on other nursing duties.

Time that would otherwise be spent gathering equipment, cleaning and disinfecting washbowls, and laundering towels and washcloths after a bed bath are all eliminated from the process with the Oasis Bed Bath System.”

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