Research report launched

 Synergy Health unveiling an independent research report at House of Commons

New independent research report highlights the advantages that clinicians see for the NHS to work in partnership with the private sector

On Tuesday 13th May 2014, at the House of Commons Synergy Health unveiled an independent report entitled ‘Expert Opinions on Private Sector Service Delivery in the NHS,’ which highlights clinicians at the top of their field wanting outsourcing to be at the top of the agenda as a benefit to the NHS.

Based on the feedback from 150 surgeons and five NHS Financial Directors, the report highlights key issues surrounding service delivery that are yet to be reconciled within the health service, as well as recommendations to improve both cost effectiveness and care provision. The report highlights that:

  • Overall, 77% of respondents agreed that a commercial partnership approach has the potential to increase the quality of service provision in the NHS.
  • 71% of surgeons had experienced a situation which resulted in the cancellation of a scheduled surgery due to a problem with the surgical instruments, resulting in poor patient care.
  • 53% agreed that a partnership approach had the potential to reduce overall cost for the NHS.

The report and the recommendations that it suggests could not come at a more critical period for the NHS, amidst a climate of ever tightening financial constraints.

Adrian Coward COO for Synergy Health commented: “The research clearly highlights that there are barriers to potential efficiency gains. The fact that nearly 80 per cent of those interviewed agreed that NHS institutions would benefit from increased commercial partnerships, highlights the challenges it faces, including rising demand, the need for better care and the need for tighter budgets. Synergy Health is an example of a service provider that has developed a strong relationship with the health service to the benefit of both the institution itself, but most importantly the patient.”

To launch its report, Synergy Health held a panel event at the House of Commons entitled, ‘The changing clinical and regulatory environment of sterile services in the NHS’. Panellists and attendees included: Adrian Coward, COO of Synergy Health; Michael Parker, Associate Professor in Accounting and Financial Management at Henley Business School; Richard Power, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Director at the Glenfield Hospital, Leicester; Mike Kane MP, Member of Parliament for Wythenshawe and Sale East and Dean Westcott, Director of Finance, NHS West Essex (Chair)

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