Oasis® Shampoo Cap


Oasis® Shampoo Caps are pre-impregnated with a mild shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and condition the patient’s hair. The massaging action releases shampoo and conditioner into the hair and hydrophilic (water-loving) fabric absorbs oil and dirt retaining it within the cap.

  • No rinsing is required and the hair is left towel dry
  • Leaves hair fresh and clean
  • Single-use cap helps reduce cross infection risk
  • The therapeutic, gentle head massage given improves patient experience
  • Latex-free, eliminating the risk of latex allergies


Description Pack Qty Case Qty Code Buy
Oasis® Shampoo Cap 1 30 RSC905
Oasis® Shampoo Cap Unscented 1 30 RSC905UP
Oasis® Shampoo Cap (Economy) 1 30 RSC965
Oasis® Shampoo Cap (Economy) Unscented 1 30 RSC965UP  





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