Oasis® Bed Bath Washcloth


Oasis® Bed Bathing Washcloths are impregnated with a unique combination of skin cleansers to help remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces from the skin. The large, soft washcloths are intended to be used individually, with one single-use cloth per anatomical region. This helps to ensure effective cleansing and minimises the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Added moisturisers hydrate the skin.
  • Lanolin, alcohol and latex-free.
  • Quick drying after application to the skin.
  • Variety of pack sizes to allow for a full or partial bed bath.
  • Scented and unscented options available.


Description Size Pack Qty Case Qty Code Buy
Oasis® Bed Bath Scented 33 x 22cm 10 24 RSC901
Oasis® Bed Bath Unscented 33 x 22cm 10 24 RSC902N
Oasis® Bed Bath Scented 33 x 22cm 8 30 RSC912
Oasis® Bed Bath Unscented 33 x 22cm 8 30 RSC913N
Oasis® Bed Bath Unscented 33 x 22cm 5 48 RSC910N
Oasis® Washmitt Scented   8 30 RSC604A  
Oasis® Washmitt Unscented   8 30 RSC605A  


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