Comfinette™, Comfitube™ & Comfigauz™ tubular bandages

Comfinette, tube and gauz

Comfinette, Comfitube and Comfigauz are a range of cost effective tubular bandages ideal for dressing retention.  Available in 8 widths to fit all areas of the body, the range is suitable for use on fingers and toes to adult trunks.

Comfigauz™ - Made from 100% bleached cotton, ideal for use where natural fibres are preferred.

Comfinette™ - Made from 100% viscose, ideal for frequent dressing changes.

Comfitube™ - Made from 100% unbleached cotton, containing natural oils making the bandage water repellent.

Visit the Comfi™ Range website for more information on dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping of atopic eczema and other conditions.

Product Details

Size Application Comfinette™ 20m NPC Code Comfigauz™ 20m NPC Code Comfitube™ 20m NPC Code
00 Toes N006 EGJ045 Z006 EGJ051   -
01 Fingers and Toes N016 EGJ041 Z016 EGJ035 T016 EGJ055
12 Bulky Dressings for Fingers and Toes N126 EGJ042 Z126 EGJ036 T126 EGJ056
34 Children's Limbs, Adult Hands N346 EGJ046 Z346 EGJ052 T346 EGJ057
56 Adult Limbs N566 EGJ043 Z566 EGJ037 T566 EGJ058
78 Large Adult Limbs N786 EGJ044 Z786 EGJ038 T786 EGJ039
T1 Small Body Bandage, Adult Head Bandage NT16 EGJ047 ZT16 EGJ053 TT16 EGJ059
T2 Large Body Bandage NT26 EGJ048 ZT26 EGJ054 TT26 EGJ060




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