Our Vision & Values

Our Vision and Values are what define us and move us forward together as a strong business.  Our Vision is what we constantly strive to attain each day, while our Values are the qualities and approach that help us to achieve that Vision.

Our Vision

To build a lasting reputation as the trusted experts in global health-related markets by differentiating our services and products through the way we work.

Why our brand is important...

When we established the company over 20 years ago, we chose the name Synergy, as an expression of the way we would work with both our colleagues and clients.  We believed then and still do now, that we can achieve improved business outcomes by working collaboratively.  It is important that we share common values as we grow and expand across the globe.  These values will essentially define how we interact with each other, along with our customers and other stakeholders in our business.

Our Values

We have four core values that we feel encompass our business and how we operate as an organisation:


We believe our success comes from our focus on exceeding expectations and our commitment to go that extra mile, however small the difference may seem.

Achievement means we...

  • Do not give up. We keep striving to deliver the very best results.
  • Ensure that behaviour and decisions consistently support the interests of the business and the people in it.
  • Keep raising the bar for our own performance, helping and encouraging our colleagues to do the same.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and are equipped to take the right course of action.

Accountability means we...

  • Take ownership when resolving issues, involving and trusting others to support.
  • Positively support our teams and colleagues when they show the same initiative.
  • Take personal responsibility for getting people involved in the business and giving them the power and skills they need.
  • Actively listen to others, encouraging open dialogue and reacting constructively.


We believe that the way we work is as important as what we do. We care deeply about the quality of our work and inspire trust by delivering on promises.

Integrity means we...

  • Value truthfulness and trust in all our endeavours.
  • Deliver on our promises with dedication and clarity.
  • Are meticulous and thorough, delivering a standard of services others aspire to.
  • Collaborate; working in a way that is always open, truthful and constructive, within all elements of the business.


We achieve the best possible results by working with customers to develop new ways of solving problems and reducing risk.

Innovation means we...

  • Bring bright ideas and energy to inspire continuous improvement.
  • Have an energy about us that thrives on problem solving.
  • Engage and empower others by sharing ideas, learning and success.
  • Are never satisfied and are keen to find new concepts to gain business advantage.




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